Let’s Help Each Other – We’re in Search of Corporate Sponsorships

McKay Nursery Donation

We can’t do it alone. We need your help to save lives. Drunk driving is 100% preventable and we intend to help make that a reality.

Eliminate Drunk Driving – Education Foundation is currently looking for Corporate Sponsorships of $100 to $300. Your Corporate Sponsorship would include promoting your company on our website, social media accounts and be included on various marketing materials.

We want to extend our Thank You to McKay Nursery Company in Waterloo, Wisconsin, for their donation of a beautiful Grateful Red Hydrangea. Pictured above is an example of how we would promote your company on EliminateDrunkDriving.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we will also promote your company on printed materials. Every day, we’re gaining new followers on our social media accounts.

Please go to http://www.EliminateDrunkDriving.com for more information on our non-profit organization and see what events we’re attending and what we’re planning on doing to help save lives.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible. If interested in sponsoring us today, please email us at eliminatedrunkdriving@gmail.com.

Eliminate Drunk Driving – Education Foundation wants to remind everyone to make good choices and Don’t Drive Impaired. #StaySafe




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Help us spread awareness about the dangers of driving impaired.  Order your T-shirts today!  T-shirts come in orange, purple, black, red, green and blue.

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All money raised will go directly into our Eliminate Drunk Driving Education Foundation non-profit organization.  This money will be used to travel throughout Wisconsin to educate our youth on the dangers of driving impaired/distracted, attend community events, speak with law enforcement, lobby for strengthening our OWI laws and buy promotional items.

Help us save lives! – In Memory of Clenton & Katey – We Love You & Miss You Dearly

Clent and Katey Milwaukee

Do we have COWARDS at the State Capitol?

Wisconsin State of State
We are beyond disbelief right now that our state lawmakers and advocates are setting aside their efforts to make first-time drunken driving a crime in Wisconsin.

Why is Wisconsin the only state in the country that DOES NOT criminalize first-time drunken driving? What are they hiding? Is the Tavern League filling the Senators’ pockets?

Our lawmakers giving up efforts is a slap in the face to all families that have lost a loved one to a drunk driver or been injured by a drunk driver.

Our legislators are there to make laws to protect the people of Wisconsin. Why aren’t they doing their jobs? Why isn’t there the will like Sen. Alberta Darling mentioned? We’re talking about the safety of the residents of Wisconsin.

Instead of focusing their efforts on groundhog hunting or robots that deliver meals, let’s work on more serious items that put the people of Wisconsin in danger like drunk driving.

Do our lawmakers realize or even understand what goes through an individual’s head that lost a loved one to a drunk driver when they’re reading about lawmakers working on groundhog hunting versus addressing our states drunk driving issues? Our loved ones are not just statistics. They were residents of Wisconsin. They deserve the respect that they should be given.

Are our lawmakers proud of Wisconsin’s reputation for being the heaviest drinking state? Do our lawmakers laugh about it when we’re mentioned in headlines all over the country? I would hope NOT, because it isn’t funny.

The numbers of repeat drunk drivers on our roads are staggering. Why are we setting laws addressing 5th or 6th OWI offenses when we should be addressing 1st and 2nd as Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa said in the Executive Session on the current OWI bills. Well Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, we would like to work with you on doing just that.

All we’re asking here is to make first-time drunk driving a misdemeanor like all the other 49 states. A mere misdemeanor for BREAKING THE LAW. Let’s strengthen first-time offense and maybe that subsequently will reduce second, third, etc., offenses. Doesn’t that seem the most logical way to go?

We urge all state lawmakers to NOT GIVE UP YOUR WILL to address first-time drunk driving.

We’re not asking for Prohibition. Everyone’s entitled to drink and have a good time. However, DRINKING & DRIVING is illegal (346.63).

We thank Rep. Ott, Sen. Larson, Sen. Darling, Sen. Carpenter, Sen. Wanggaard and a few others for what they’ve done through the years in trying to get tougher on drunk driving. But where are all the other representatives and senators? Why are they hiding in the shadows? Why is everyone shying away from this issue?

Wisconsin follows suit on other laws from other states, WHY NOT first-time drunken driving? There has to be an answer. An answer that we want to find out.

-Caralee Butzine, Eliminate Drunk Driving Education Foundation


Tissue Organ Donor

So today I learned that all the tissue, bone and veins that Clenton donated, as he was an organ donor cannot be donated.  They had already sent one good heart valve to California in April and they could not use it.  Since he died instantly his other organs were not able to be used.  He was an organ donor since he got his driver’s license in high school.  Though the morning I found out about the crash I still had to go over things with the American Tissue Foundation and I did exactly what Clenton would have wanted me to do.   I have spoken with a woman with the Tissue Foundation before and she is a very kind woman.  Today she called me to give me the news and  she hated to give me the news, as she knew that whatever I could find out about him helping someone else give me a little bit of piece.   But due to the lack of blood they were not able to get accurate testing done on the bones, tissues or veins and due to federal guidelines nothing was able to be used, he could of helped 50 to 70 people, but now no one gets his help, because the drunk driver that murdered him, his girlfriend and two others mangled them.    It was just another punch in the gut as we await what is going to happen with Brysen Wills, the mass murderer and I call him that because that is the definition of someone who kills 4 people.   It’s been an emotional up and down day for me, but I’ll keep fighting.   And thank you Jeanette at the Tissue Foundation for being so kind and telling me I can call her anytime to talk.


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Help us bring awareness to our non-profit by ordering your T-shirts today.  We’ve designed two options for you to choose from.

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We thank you all for your continued support.  We have an uphill battle and it’s not going to be easy, but Marla and I are determined to make a difference in the State of Wisconsin. Our family members are more than statistics. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and we are here to make sure that happens.


Eliminate Drunk Driving’s 1st Fundraising Event Was A Huge Success

Garage SaleOn June 16th and June 17th, Eliminate Drunk Driving Inc. had their first Fundraising Garage Sale. It was a huge success!

We want to thank the community of Waterloo for being so supportive and helping us raise $785.85.  All proceeds from this garage sale will go directly into our non-profit to help us travel throughout the state and educate our youth on the importance of making good decisions, meet with law enforcement, meet with local government, attend community events and work with other organizations with the same cause.

We will be in Lake Mills on Tuesday, June 20th, from 6:00 to 8:30 for the 2017 Night Out Against Crime that the Lake Mills Police Department puts on.  It will be at the Lake Mills High School Auditorium Parking Lot, 615 Catlin Drive. We hope to see you there.

If anyone would like to donate, please visit http://www.EliminateDrunkDriving.com.  Or, if anyone would like us to attend their event and speak out against drinking and driving, please email us as EliminateDrunkDriving@gmail.com.

Once again, we thank everyone for their support.  Together, we can make change. Remember, We’re NOT AGAINST drinking, We’re AGAINST DRINKING & DRIVING.

Caralee Butzine – #VictimsofDrunkDriversLivesMatter




My Best Friend Katey

Katey and Rhiannon
My name is Rhiannon. This has taken me sometime to think about. Its hard to put how I feel into words that people besides myself can understand.
What do I say about my Best Friend Katey? She was the brightest person I knew. She always had this light and that spread into everyone around her. She touched so many different types of people on so many different levels. I don’t think Katey had one enemy. I don’t think she ever met anyone who didn’t like her. She was my go to girl. Katey was my guiding light.
We met as adult women and we just meshed. From the start our friendship was special and treasured. I have always been a believer in everything happens for a reason. Soulmates. You meet people when your meant to and not a minute before. And destiny! We were meant to be friends. She blended in so well with my family. She was my sister from another mister! Katey was a friend to my husband and always tried to help out by defending his side, helping me see the dark-side if you will, when I was acting crazy!
She was a fun loving friend to my littles who thought Katey was a jungle gym. They knew exactly how to make her giggle even when they were being naughty. I can’t even count the times she had to leave the room because she couldn’t stop laughing! She was a friend and confidante to my oldest daughter who is now 16 so you can imagine. She was a shoulder for her to cry on, an advice giver, someone she knew she could count on. She helped me by helping remember what it was like to be a teenager. She was one of the most special and loved people in our lives.
November 2, 2016 changed our lives forever. My children lost a friend. My husband lost his ally and I lost a sister. When I was told my Best Friend, my Sister, one of the most important people in my life died in a car accident I died inside. A huge gaping hole was ripped into my chest and I couldn’t breath. My world stopped. I have never felt so lost in my entire life. I have lost people before. My loved ones who have had a chance to live, have a family, people who lived long lives. I have never dealt with a death of this magnitude. Losing Katey made me doubt everything I believed in. The most wonderful girl I had ever met. The most responsible. The most thoughtful person I have ever known was ripped out of her life. Out of my life. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I would never ever again hear her call me friend or hear her laugh. I would never again have another girls trip or go to a movie opening. We would never read the same books again or cook dinner together.
I couldn’t think of anything else but why? Or if she knew? Why her life? Why were the life of these kids who would’ve literally made this world a better place taken? Katey Pasqualini, Clenton Hall, Kim Radtke, and Patrick Wasielewski, they were taken too soon out of a life they deserved to live. So many disgusting people walk this earth. People who abuse and kill. These are the lucky ones, the ones the world needs. Give me a break universe. The brightest ones gets taken from it. I didn’t get it, Why? This question has plagued my mind for months.  I was so sad. I could barely keep it together. I forgot how to laugh and I started forgetting how to live. I was literally drowning in sorrow. I had nightmares I lived in my mind. I wasn’t the same. I felt like no one understood. A death of four, young, bright as the sun lives were taken by one selfish man. A man who was careless and stupid.
I want drunk driving laws to be stricter for these types of people who can’t make a responsible choice. People who don’t have a limit, people who think they can drive. It’s ridiculous. This man thought he could drive. No one should have the right to take another life. Please help with this fight. It’s worth every letter, every call, for one less family, one less friend to have to feel this way.
There will not be ONE day that goes by that I won’t miss my friend. She was too special not to miss! Something happens almost everyday that I want to tell her. That will never stop. My hole is still there. Healing some days then ripped wide open again. This is something that will be here forever. I’ve been learning how to deal with it better. I can remember happy things now, it’s not all sad.
I Love You Katey! I Miss You Friend!
Rhiannon Stetter, Pell Lake

One Mother’s Hope that other Parents Don’t Have to go though This

On October 7, 2016 a drunk driver going the wrong way on a divided highway hit my daughter Sam and her best friend, Hannah, head-on.
Hannah died on impact. Sam had to be extracted from the vehicle with the jaws of life and was in the ICU with multiple serious injuries.
Both girls were 16 at the time of the crash. Seeing my daughter on a ventilator and then learning her friend died is something I don’t want other parents to ever have to go through!!!!
– Terri Lannan, Fort Atkinson

June 8th 2017- Angry and Mad

Sitting here tonight, reading the report of the crash when they charged Brysen Wills for killing Clenton, Katey, Kim and Patrick and for causing great bodily injury to Brian makes me sick to my stomach.  I am so angry as Clenton and Katey and the others are not living out their futures.  I checked in on Charles to see how he was doing this afternoon, he has been Clenton’s friend since grade school and roommates in college.  They lived together in Milwaukee for two years since Clenton graduated college, Katey was living there also for about 5 months before the crash.   Charles said he has the next five days off and him and the gang are going up north tomorrow, about 20 of them.  If Clenton and Katey were still here I am sure they would be with them.  But no, a drunken driver Brysen Wills took their future away from them.   Charles is excited about going and I am happy about that, he also has been greatly affected by this along with Clenton and Katey’s other friends.  One person being a irresponsible drunk that changed so many lives and NOT FOR THE GOOD.   I feel now it would have been better if the drunk driver did not survive the crash, but now that he did… I want him to never see the light of day again.   My heart is broken.     Marla

The Unheard Financial Hardships of a Victim’s Family

My story begins in 1966 when a drunk rear-ended my husband’s car as he was coming home from work. He was so close to home he could have walked.

Our children were eight, nine and two years old. The drunk had no insurance and a large family. We had no place to turn to but welfare which is very hard to accept, but we had no choice. The Lord provided all we needed and the church helped us with food, etc.

My husband was in the hospital nine months and after returning home we had problems. After 13 years, we divorced and all of this affected the kids. I am very proud of them today. They have grown into wonderful adults.

The drunk driver got a $50 fine and 2 days in jail. He had no concern for the family. I feel he should of at least had to pay something to the family the rest of his life to remind him every month what he did.

Marge Greenheck, Madison WI