Do we have COWARDS at the State Capitol?

Wisconsin State of State
We are beyond disbelief right now that our state lawmakers and advocates are setting aside their efforts to make first-time drunken driving a crime in Wisconsin.

Why is Wisconsin the only state in the country that DOES NOT criminalize first-time drunken driving? What are they hiding? Is the Tavern League filling the Senators’ pockets?

Our lawmakers giving up efforts is a slap in the face to all families that have lost a loved one to a drunk driver or been injured by a drunk driver.

Our legislators are there to make laws to protect the people of Wisconsin. Why aren’t they doing their jobs? Why isn’t there the will like Sen. Alberta Darling mentioned? We’re talking about the safety of the residents of Wisconsin.

Instead of focusing their efforts on groundhog hunting or robots that deliver meals, let’s work on more serious items that put the people of Wisconsin in danger like drunk driving.

Do our lawmakers realize or even understand what goes through an individual’s head that lost a loved one to a drunk driver when they’re reading about lawmakers working on groundhog hunting versus addressing our states drunk driving issues? Our loved ones are not just statistics. They were residents of Wisconsin. They deserve the respect that they should be given.

Are our lawmakers proud of Wisconsin’s reputation for being the heaviest drinking state? Do our lawmakers laugh about it when we’re mentioned in headlines all over the country? I would hope NOT, because it isn’t funny.

The numbers of repeat drunk drivers on our roads are staggering. Why are we setting laws addressing 5th or 6th OWI offenses when we should be addressing 1st and 2nd as Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa said in the Executive Session on the current OWI bills. Well Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, we would like to work with you on doing just that.

All we’re asking here is to make first-time drunk driving a misdemeanor like all the other 49 states. A mere misdemeanor for BREAKING THE LAW. Let’s strengthen first-time offense and maybe that subsequently will reduce second, third, etc., offenses. Doesn’t that seem the most logical way to go?

We urge all state lawmakers to NOT GIVE UP YOUR WILL to address first-time drunk driving.

We’re not asking for Prohibition. Everyone’s entitled to drink and have a good time. However, DRINKING & DRIVING is illegal (346.63).

We thank Rep. Ott, Sen. Larson, Sen. Darling, Sen. Carpenter, Sen. Wanggaard and a few others for what they’ve done through the years in trying to get tougher on drunk driving. But where are all the other representatives and senators? Why are they hiding in the shadows? Why is everyone shying away from this issue?

Wisconsin follows suit on other laws from other states, WHY NOT first-time drunken driving? There has to be an answer. An answer that we want to find out.

-Caralee Butzine, Eliminate Drunk Driving Education Foundation