Tissue Organ Donor

So today I learned that all the tissue, bone and veins that Clenton donated, as he was an organ donor cannot be donated.  They had already sent one good heart valve to California in April and they could not use it.  Since he died instantly his other organs were not able to be used.  He was an organ donor since he got his driver’s license in high school.  Though the morning I found out about the crash I still had to go over things with the American Tissue Foundation and I did exactly what Clenton would have wanted me to do.   I have spoken with a woman with the Tissue Foundation before and she is a very kind woman.  Today she called me to give me the news and  she hated to give me the news, as she knew that whatever I could find out about him helping someone else give me a little bit of piece.   But due to the lack of blood they were not able to get accurate testing done on the bones, tissues or veins and due to federal guidelines nothing was able to be used, he could of helped 50 to 70 people, but now no one gets his help, because the drunk driver that murdered him, his girlfriend and two others mangled them.    It was just another punch in the gut as we await what is going to happen with Brysen Wills, the mass murderer and I call him that because that is the definition of someone who kills 4 people.   It’s been an emotional up and down day for me, but I’ll keep fighting.   And thank you Jeanette at the Tissue Foundation for being so kind and telling me I can call her anytime to talk.



3 thoughts on “Tissue Organ Donor

  1. My son also was killed instantly and I was told we couldn’t donate tissue from a person who had been autopsied. Dustin had paid for all his siblings and me to attend the Body Works exhibit the prior year and was an organ donor on his license; I was so disappointed we could not donate as he would have wanted.

    I am so sorry for your loss(es). Incredibly sad. Please continue with your advocacy and I’ll continue with mine in Washington and Oregon.

    Kristi Finney Dunn
    Oregon and SW Washington
    Families for Safe Streets


    • If that is the case, and I knew they did an autopsy why wouldn’t they have told me they could not donate the tissues, I would not have allowed them to do it, even though he was a donor I had to answer a bunch of questions for them. They should have known this, they had no need to cut him up more, I’m contacting the American Tissue Foundation tomorrow, thank you so much. I was so disappointed also. I am very sorry for your loss also, I will continue to fight in Wisconsin and good luck to you in your fight in Washington and Oregon, my son and his girlfriend were saving for there next trip, they were going to Seattle.

      Marla Hall
      Eliminate Drunk Driving Education Foundation


      • Hi Kristi, I spoke with the woman that I deal with at the Tissue Foundation, she has been a great comfort to me through this, she told me in Wisconsin it’s up to the Coroner/Medical Examiner if they send tissue, in this case they did, but because of the injury and not enough blood to test anything they could not use it. She said sometimes it’s at the final stage of where they send it that they decide it can’t be used. At least I know my son wanted to be a donor and that makes me proud, he put that on his driver’s license at 16 when he got his license.


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