Eliminate Drunk Driving’s 1st Fundraising Event Was A Huge Success

Garage SaleOn June 16th and June 17th, Eliminate Drunk Driving Inc. had their first Fundraising Garage Sale. It was a huge success!

We want to thank the community of Waterloo for being so supportive and helping us raise $785.85.  All proceeds from this garage sale will go directly into our non-profit to help us travel throughout the state and educate our youth on the importance of making good decisions, meet with law enforcement, meet with local government, attend community events and work with other organizations with the same cause.

We will be in Lake Mills on Tuesday, June 20th, from 6:00 to 8:30 for the 2017 Night Out Against Crime that the Lake Mills Police Department puts on.  It will be at the Lake Mills High School Auditorium Parking Lot, 615 Catlin Drive. We hope to see you there.

If anyone would like to donate, please visit http://www.EliminateDrunkDriving.com.  Or, if anyone would like us to attend their event and speak out against drinking and driving, please email us as EliminateDrunkDriving@gmail.com.

Once again, we thank everyone for their support.  Together, we can make change. Remember, We’re NOT AGAINST drinking, We’re AGAINST DRINKING & DRIVING.

Caralee Butzine – #VictimsofDrunkDriversLivesMatter





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