My Best Friend Katey

Katey and Rhiannon
My name is Rhiannon. This has taken me sometime to think about. Its hard to put how I feel into words that people besides myself can understand.
What do I say about my Best Friend Katey? She was the brightest person I knew. She always had this light and that spread into everyone around her. She touched so many different types of people on so many different levels. I don’t think Katey had one enemy. I don’t think she ever met anyone who didn’t like her. She was my go to girl. Katey was my guiding light.
We met as adult women and we just meshed. From the start our friendship was special and treasured. I have always been a believer in everything happens for a reason. Soulmates. You meet people when your meant to and not a minute before. And destiny! We were meant to be friends. She blended in so well with my family. She was my sister from another mister! Katey was a friend to my husband and always tried to help out by defending his side, helping me see the dark-side if you will, when I was acting crazy!
She was a fun loving friend to my littles who thought Katey was a jungle gym. They knew exactly how to make her giggle even when they were being naughty. I can’t even count the times she had to leave the room because she couldn’t stop laughing! She was a friend and confidante to my oldest daughter who is now 16 so you can imagine. She was a shoulder for her to cry on, an advice giver, someone she knew she could count on. She helped me by helping remember what it was like to be a teenager. She was one of the most special and loved people in our lives.
November 2, 2016 changed our lives forever. My children lost a friend. My husband lost his ally and I lost a sister. When I was told my Best Friend, my Sister, one of the most important people in my life died in a car accident I died inside. A huge gaping hole was ripped into my chest and I couldn’t breath. My world stopped. I have never felt so lost in my entire life. I have lost people before. My loved ones who have had a chance to live, have a family, people who lived long lives. I have never dealt with a death of this magnitude. Losing Katey made me doubt everything I believed in. The most wonderful girl I had ever met. The most responsible. The most thoughtful person I have ever known was ripped out of her life. Out of my life. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I would never ever again hear her call me friend or hear her laugh. I would never again have another girls trip or go to a movie opening. We would never read the same books again or cook dinner together.
I couldn’t think of anything else but why? Or if she knew? Why her life? Why were the life of these kids who would’ve literally made this world a better place taken? Katey Pasqualini, Clenton Hall, Kim Radtke, and Patrick Wasielewski, they were taken too soon out of a life they deserved to live. So many disgusting people walk this earth. People who abuse and kill. These are the lucky ones, the ones the world needs. Give me a break universe. The brightest ones gets taken from it. I didn’t get it, Why? This question has plagued my mind for months.  I was so sad. I could barely keep it together. I forgot how to laugh and I started forgetting how to live. I was literally drowning in sorrow. I had nightmares I lived in my mind. I wasn’t the same. I felt like no one understood. A death of four, young, bright as the sun lives were taken by one selfish man. A man who was careless and stupid.
I want drunk driving laws to be stricter for these types of people who can’t make a responsible choice. People who don’t have a limit, people who think they can drive. It’s ridiculous. This man thought he could drive. No one should have the right to take another life. Please help with this fight. It’s worth every letter, every call, for one less family, one less friend to have to feel this way.
There will not be ONE day that goes by that I won’t miss my friend. She was too special not to miss! Something happens almost everyday that I want to tell her. That will never stop. My hole is still there. Healing some days then ripped wide open again. This is something that will be here forever. I’ve been learning how to deal with it better. I can remember happy things now, it’s not all sad.
I Love You Katey! I Miss You Friend!
Rhiannon Stetter, Pell Lake

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