June 8th 2017- Angry and Mad

Sitting here tonight, reading the report of the crash when they charged Brysen Wills for killing Clenton, Katey, Kim and Patrick and for causing great bodily injury to Brian makes me sick to my stomach.  I am so angry as Clenton and Katey and the others are not living out their futures.  I checked in on Charles to see how he was doing this afternoon, he has been Clenton’s friend since grade school and roommates in college.  They lived together in Milwaukee for two years since Clenton graduated college, Katey was living there also for about 5 months before the crash.   Charles said he has the next five days off and him and the gang are going up north tomorrow, about 20 of them.  If Clenton and Katey were still here I am sure they would be with them.  But no, a drunken driver Brysen Wills took their future away from them.   Charles is excited about going and I am happy about that, he also has been greatly affected by this along with Clenton and Katey’s other friends.  One person being a irresponsible drunk that changed so many lives and NOT FOR THE GOOD.   I feel now it would have been better if the drunk driver did not survive the crash, but now that he did… I want him to never see the light of day again.   My heart is broken.     Marla


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