The Unheard Financial Hardships of a Victim’s Family

My story begins in 1966 when a drunk rear-ended my husband’s car as he was coming home from work. He was so close to home he could have walked.

Our children were eight, nine and two years old. The drunk had no insurance and a large family. We had no place to turn to but welfare which is very hard to accept, but we had no choice. The Lord provided all we needed and the church helped us with food, etc.

My husband was in the hospital nine months and after returning home we had problems. After 13 years, we divorced and all of this affected the kids. I am very proud of them today. They have grown into wonderful adults.

The drunk driver got a $50 fine and 2 days in jail. He had no concern for the family. I feel he should of at least had to pay something to the family the rest of his life to remind him every month what he did.

Marge Greenheck, Madison WI


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