Priorities at the State Capitol

As I sit and read another article on a Wisconsin man charged with his 12th OWI, all I can think is why isn’t more being done to keep these people off our roads.  This is the second 12th OWI offender that I know of in the last two months in Wisconsin.

Everyone knows Wisconsin has an enormous drunk driving problem, yet no one at the State Capitol does anything about it. There are a select few that try, but get shot down. Shouldn’t the safety of Wisconsin residents be their number one priority?  Isn’t it one of the lawmakers’ duties to pass laws that protect the residents?

Instead, our lawmakers are proposing a bill for woodchuck hunting, a robot delivery bill that delivers lunch, a baking bill so you can’t sell your cookies and working on changing the tampon tax.

As a resident of Wisconsin who just lost a dearly loved nephew, his girlfriend, his co-worker, and another young man to a drunk driver, I am outraged. Outraged that they are ignoring the victims of drunk drivers. Are woodchucks, your lunch, baking cookies and tampons more important than my nephew?


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